Task Force

Task Force

Exchange of Information Task Force

The Exchange of information Task Force is set up to facilitate the exchange of information concerning the securities market of ACG members.more

New Business Initiative Task Force

The New Business Task Force is set up to make joint efforts to initiate new services in the areas of common interest.more

Technical Task Force

The Technical Task Force is set up to investigate business proposals in relation to technical issues such as e-commerce and security of system networks.more

Legal Task Force

The Legal Task Force is set up to promote communications among ACG members in the field of securities depository legal subjects and enhance legal framework of member markets.more

Risk and Recovery Management Task Force

The Risk & Recovery Management Task Force is set up to facilitate ACG Members to share experiences, information and processes involved in potential risks, to analyze them and precautionary steps to curb the risk and its effective recovery methodology.more

Investor Services Task Force

The Investor Services Task Force is set up to build an integrated platform to leverage the development of investor services, which not only focus on B2B model, but also extend services to end clients(B2B2C).more