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2015.11ACG19 TF Activity Report
2014.10ACG18 TF Activity Report
2013.10ACG17 TF Activity Report
2012.09ACG16 TF Activity Report
2011.11ACG15 TF Activity Report
2010.12ACG14 TF Activity Report
2009.10ACG13 TF Activity Report
2008.11ACG12 TF Activity Report
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2019.07ACG Newsletter 6th edition Others
2019.01ACG Newsletter 5th edition Others
2018.12AFSF 2018 ReportOthers
2018.07ACG Newsletter 4th editionOthers
2018.03a Big Data Analysis of Taiwan’s E-voting in AGMsOthers
2018.01AFSF 2017 ReportOthers
2017.09Report: Market Infrastructure SurveyExchange of Information
2017.02ACG Newsletter 3rd editionOthers
2017.02ACG Newsletter 2nd editionOthers
2017.02ACG Newsletter 1st editionOthers
2017.01AFSF_Asia Fund Market ReportOthers
2015.11Latest projects of each organizationExchange of Information
2015.05Business outline and latest projects of each organizationExchange of Information
2015.05Standardization for Asia Fund IndustryNew Business Initiative
2015.05Distribution of corporate benefitsTechnical
2015.05Introduction on research theme of this year: The application and observance of PFMI in domestic marketLegal
2015.05Emerging Risk Management Requirement i.e. KYC, CDD, EDD, AML Implication, FATCA, etc.Risk and Recovery Management
2015.05Reaction to the change of global regulationExchange of Information
2015.05Account opening processRisk and Recovery Management
2015.05Corporate action announcement in structured formTechnical
2014.10Capital Level Sustainability Benchmarking for CSDsRisk and Recovery Management
2014.10Application of Title Transfer Collateral AgreementLegal
2014.05Promotion of GlobalizationExchange of Information
2014.05Introduction of New Business or Value-Added ServicesNew Business Initiative
2014.05Business Continuity Plan and Disaster RecoveryTechnical
2014.052013 UNIDROIT Conference UpdatesLegal
2014.05Application of Title Transfer Collateral AgreementLegal
2014.05Structure of Risk ManagementRisk and Recovery Management
2013.05Introduction to PFMI of CPSS-IOSCOExchange of Information
2013.05Case Study about Governance, STP and Cross Border LinkExchange of Information
2013.05Comparison of Risk Management Measures against Fail-to-deliver/ Participant DefaultExchange of Information
2013.05Securities Information Provision Services of CSDsNew Business Initiative
2013.05Use of Mobile Technology in Providing Depository ServicesTechnical
2013.05Updates on Legal Task Force Work for 2013 Collateral Related IssueLegal
2012.09Application of Law in Cross-border TransactionsLegal
2012.09Core ServicesExchange of Information
2012.05Clearing and Settlement Model ComparisonExchange of Information
2012.05Collateral Management, Repo and Securities LendingExchange of Information
2012.05System or Platform Development in The Fund IndustryNew Business Initiative
2012.05Measures Taken by CSDs And CCPs to Reduce Technology CostsTechnical
2012.05Application of Law in Cross-border Transactions UNIDROIT Conference ReportLegal
2011.11Issuer ServicesExchange of Information
2011.09Comments on CPSS/IOSCOLegal
2011.09 CSD LinkageExchange of Information
2011.09E-votingNew Business Initiative
2011.09BCP in a DisasterTechnical
2010.12Legal Protection of CSD CCP In Case of Participants' InsolvencyLegal
2009.07UNIDROIT ConventionLegal