Chairman's Message on Recent Coronavirus Outbreaks

Dear colleagues,
As you are aware, coronavirus outbreaks have been found in many jurisdictions of the world. As far as our current knowledge of the virus goes, the virus is of high infectivity and capable of inducing symptoms similar to that of the severe acute respiratory syndrome (SARS).

Given the potentially severe harmfulness of the virus, I would like to draw the serious attention of all members of the ACG community on the coronavirus and take appropriate precautions (such as wearing mask in workplace, regular sterilization of public spaces and timely treatment of staff members with suspected/typical symptoms). Our experience in mainland China has demonstrated that, with appropriate and timely measures, the outbreak could be successfully contained.

In order to promote transparency, I have asked the ACG Secretariat to serve as a hub of coordination and facilitate exchange of information and timely response. Please kindly keep the Secretariat noted if any member of your staff had been found a suspected/confirmed infection case, or if your organization need assistance with provision of protective gears. The Secretariat will work their best to serve members with inquiries and needs.

I wish you and your family good health and safety and I look forward to meeting you soon.


Yours sincerely,

Dr. Wenhua DAI
Chairman, Asia-Pacific CSD Group (ACG)